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Registration Form

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Scarecrow Registration Form

    1. Contact Name
    1. YESNO

    2. 2. Contact Details
      1. 3. For Sale
        1. YESNO
        2. We will include a note so interested parties can contact you directly to negotiate.
        3. 4. Would you like to:
          1. Build and display your scarecrow on Festival Day 1 Oct (for Children across the Mornington Peninsula – individuals and siblings 12 and under)
          2. Build and display your scarecrow on the Festival Trail 16 Sep – 3 Oct (you must live/operate your business in the Hinterland Region of Red Hill, Red Hill South, Arthurs Seat, Main Ridge, Balnarring, Merricks, Merricks North or be MPHTA Members
          3. Build a scarecrow only (if you live outside the hinterland region – we will partner you with a hinterland property)
          4. Host a scarecrow (if you live/operate a business in the hinterland, and would like to host a scarecrow made by a school, community group or family living outside the hinterland region) – Go directly to Question 9

          5. 5. Category
            1. Please select which category you are entering the scarecrow festival as:
            2. Aussie icon scarecrowTraditional scarecrow

            3. 6. Competition
              1. Festival Trail – 16 Sep – 3 Oct
              2. Artist’s permanent sculptureCommunity/business/family/individualSchools/kindergartens
              3. Festival Day 1 Oct – Children 12 years and under
              4. Individual/sibling

              5. 7. Scarecrow Details
                1. This scarecrow information will be made public.
                2. Note: If you have not yet decided on your scarecrow that is OK! Make sure you complete the Scarecrow details form on this website by 1st of September.

                3. 8. Other comments

                  1. 9. Registration Fee Payment
                    1. Select your appropriate fees:
                    2. Once the submit button has been clicked you will be transferred to the Paypal website where you can make a secure payment.

                  2. IF YOU WOULD PREFER TO DEPOSIT FUNDS you may do so via your online banking EFT using your surname as reference. Details for the Hinterland Scarecrow festival account are:
                  3. NAME: MP Hinterland Tourism Assoc.
                  4. BSB: 633000
                  5. ACC: 131572729
                  6. If paying via EFT just close out of the PayPal page which you will be redirected to after clicking submit button above.

                  7. * Required

Your registration details will be emailed to us once payment has been completed.