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Scarecrow Ideas

Please note: Unfortunately, the 2018 Hinterland Scarecrow Festival will not go ahead due to a lack of funding. We are negotiating the future of the event now and will advise our future plans shortly.

Making a scarecrow is great fun. The appearance and personality of your scarecrow is limited only by your imagination. It does not need to cost much. Here are some scarecrow ideas to inspire you.

Theme – ‘A Moment in Time’

Who will you create?

The ‘A Moment in Time’ theme is broad and gives you plenty of scope to explore your favourite, artist, musician, film star, book character, sporting star, animal, politician or historian!.

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Building your scarecrow

Scarecrows come in all shapes and sizes. You can build a traditional scarecrow or you can also opt for farm yard art made from materials around your house, a sculpture of paper mache’ or a hay bale scarecrow art installation.

Your scarecrow will sit out in the elements so consider wind and the potential of rain when choosing your materials.

Consider using a wide variety of materials.

  • Frame/Body  – wood cross frame, gardens stakes, bamboo poles, chicken wire, hay bales, old clothes, 44 gallon drums
  • Stuffing – straw, insulation, paper, old stockings, old clothing or cloths
  • Head and face
    •  Plywood, polystyrene, pillow case, old stockings, paper mache’, hessian
    • Stuff with straw, soft-toy filling, old stockings
    • Mark with texters or paint
    • Print out a picture and laminate a well-known face
    • Cut out the facial features.
  • Hands and feet – gloves, socks, old stockings or tights, straw or soft-toy filling
  • Hair – wig, raffia, straw, wool, strips of fabric, old mop.

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Dressing your scarecrow

A good place to start is what you have around the home. Use old clothes and shoes and don’t forget to accessorise with gloves, handbags, jewellery, imitation flowers, gardening tools, stuffed toys etcetera. A visit to the local opportunity shops will assist in pulling your scarecrow together.

School and Kindergarten resources

Scarecrow Lesson Plans have been created for schools and kindergartens by our committee member and qualified teacher Lisa Panuccio. This will help you integrate the scarecrow building for your class or as an individual project for the kids.

Don’t forget to enter

Join in the fun by entering the completing our online application form. More details on how to enter including Competition conditions and guidelines are at our how to enter page.


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